Rum & Chocolate Tastings

The Arsenal was created by Chef Abraham Dau, for people who want to live pleasant sensory experiences, such as savoring and meeting a good liquor, a good cocktail and a served dish, all accompanied by an excellent service making people feel at home.

Do you know what is it about?


Tastings are intimate and private experiences. Other than that we tell some tales of pirates and we will have a lot of laughs. It is important to note that this is not a class, but an immersive experience in which you learn quite a bit along the way. 

In the tasting they will learn about the origin and the process of making each rum. Our tasting lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour 45 minutes. They will be given to test 8 rums in total. 

“Likewise, we now have a wider and more dynamic space in our store “Local Colombia”, which will also help us to bring all interested in the experience.”.

Experiencia en El Arsenal The Rum Box
El Arsenal The Rum Box

If you are interested in booking, you can write to us at this email: /

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